If you saw the big screen version of Sex and The City, then you undoubtedly noticed Samantha’s smokin’ hot Malibu neighbor, played by Gilles Marini. Moreover, if you were like me, you wished you could’ve slowed down that quick part where they show ‘little Gilles’ for a half a second during the shower scene.

Well have I got a nice Friday present for you. The screen shot of that PEEN + more after the jump!

I love (LOVE!) Full Frontal Fridays on CrazyDaysAndNights.net!! In case you’ve never heard of that blog, every week they publish nude pix of famous and almost guys, like Gilles Marini:

Click for the enlarged/unedited version
(You dirty bastard.)

No, the stuff you’ll find on that site really wouldn’t qualify as porn. In fact, some pictures are quite the turn off. However, they sure make waiting for quittin’ time at work zip by much faster.

This week the author of the site, who goes by “Entertainment Lawyer”, is featuring several sports figures like gymnast Matt Aboud and quarterback Riley Skinner. Unfortunately, I like looking at athletic supporters more than I support athletics. So, I have no clue who they are. Nonetheless, click here and enjoy!


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