“A sequel …. that’s all I ask of you.”
(Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman in the
original 1986 production of The Phantom of the Opera)

Is Andrew Lloyd Weber going broke?!  Has he run out of ideas?! 

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According to the UK’s Daily Mail, a sequel to Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Broadway hit The Phantom of the Opera, based on Gaston Leroux’s novel of the same name, will debut next year in not one, not two, but THREE cities simultaneously!!

Lord Lloyd-Webber, 60, said the sequel, entitled Phantom: Love Never Dies, would be set a decade or so later, moving the action from the Paris Opera to Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York.

In it, the Phantom is reunited with Christine, the Swedish soprano first played by Lord Lloyd-Webber’s wife at the time, Sarah Brightman.

Lord Lloyd-Webber said he hoped to open the show in London, on Broadway and in an Asian city — possibly Shanghai — at the same time, something no other production has done.

So, to be perfectly clear, this new one is about …. (wait for it, wait for it) ….. The Phantom of Coney Island!!  Wow, this production has “hit” written all over it (except the hit I had in mind has an “s” in front of it). 

Anyway, one interesting, albeit gratuitous, tidbit was given in the same article:

In May last year, the sequel was temporarily delayed when Lord Lloyd Webber’s cat, Otto, climbed onto his digital Clavinova piano and deleted the entire score.  Lord Lloyd Webber was unable to recover any of it from the instrument.  Sadly Otto was run over and killed by a car a few months later.

Seems to me Otto was trying to save us from a bad musical and, as a result, met his untimely death.  Lord Webber!!!  Je vous accuse!!!