Ok, here’s something I would never want to imagine.

According to the UK Sun, the newspaper claims to have obtained an audio recording of the legendary musician admitting that he had the hots for mom and his former bandmate, Paul McCartney. Here’s what he allegedly said in that mysterious sound bite, which you can listen to here:

“I was just remembering the time I had my hand on my mother’s t*t in 1 Blomfield Road. It was when I was about 14. I took a day off school, I was always doing that and hanging out in her house. We were lying on the bed and I was thinking ‘I wonder if I should do anything else?’”

Ew!! Ew!! Ew!!

I think I just dry heaved a little. Apparently, John got it all wrong. He’s supposed to be fantasizing about OTHER moms, not his own!


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