GOSSIP GIRLRecently, star of TV’s Gossip Girl, Ed Westwick, ran into international sports star David Beckham in the men’s room.  Rather than greet the soccer player, Ed freaked out, zipped up and made a mad dash for the exit. 

I couldn’t say anything, I just ran out. A friend tried to persuade me to say, ‘Hello,’ but I couldn’t do it. It was ridiculous…. I had a Beckham shirt when I was a kid and he was the one I watched growing up.

What wasn’t reported was David’s reaction: “Geez, next time light a match!!”  

(Source: Radar Online)



In case you’ve been living in a cave or, worse, in a Prop 8 loving municipality, both Mickey Rourke and Sean Penn have been generating quite the Oscar buzz lately  for their respective performances in The Wrestler and Milk.  However, it’s being reported that Rourke has been resorting to trash texting in order help secure his nod from the Academy.

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1 The Chinese censors are worse.

Warner Bros released a statement earlier today saying that they have no plans to release their latest Batman installment in China:

Based on a number of pre-release conditions that are being attached to The Dark Knight as well as cultural sensitivities to some elements of the film, we have opted to forego a theatrical release of the film in China.

Don’t worry, Warner Bros.  What you guys have declined to do, the online pirates took care of long, long ago.


What better way to get ready to bid farewell to 2008 than with a review of Billboard’s Top 25 for this year?  Oh I know, have DJ Earworm mash up the songs with a nifty video!!

Check out this nostalgic look back in this pretty amazing video by the famous DJ.  A list of the songs used appears after the jump.



A man can sleep around, no questions asked, but if a woman makes nineteen or twenty mistakes she’s a tramp.

– Joan Rivers (born Joan Alexandra Molinsky; June 8, 1933) is an American comedian, actress, talk show host, businesswoman and celebrity.


According to MovieWeb.com….

Sherwood Schwartz, creator of The Brady Bunch, and his son Lloyd Schwartz are finally moving ahead on a big screen version of Gilligan’s Island, a 1969 sitcom which the legendary producer also created. And if the two Schwartzs have it their way, Michael Cera will be slipping into that famous red shirt and white hat as Gilligan.

What’s more is that they’re also trying to lure Beyonce to play the part of the “movie star”, Ginger!!

Genius, I say!!

However, if filming gets in the way of the Arrested Development movie production, then we just might have to get the professor to create that coconut, pineapple teletransporter so he can film both!!